Your Pathway to Tender Success

Your Pathway to Tender Success

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Plan A

Ever wondered what sets Plan A apart in the tender game?
Let’s give you a sneak peek at a process that evolved over our 26 years of developing winning submissions.

Since 1998, we’ve boosted clients’ win rates and helped businesses expand in the size of contracts they’re delivering and their profile within their sectors. Achieving this through creating compelling tenders, proposals, and presentations requires a unique skill set. We ensure that your submission complies with what is being requested and connects with your client’s needs and ‘hot buttons’. We can also help you with presentations – whether required with your response or as a next step in the procurement process. We can polish your content and the team’s speaking skills to ensure you make the right impression.

Our team of consultants have specialist knowledge in a range of sectors and industries. They can also be as involved or as ‘light touch’ as you need them to be. They can manage the full end-to-end process from kick-off to submission or provide an in-depth review of your existing proposal or tender response. We become part of your tender team and work as additional resources when internal capacity is stretched.

We also support clients with business writing services, such as award entries, website reviews and content, information memorandums, annual reports, manuals, business plans, and white papers, and can train your in-house team on tendering and business writing.

Back to tenders, the winning Plan A way is generally as follows:

If you’re a new client, our General Manager, Nick Cowan, will gather your requirements and match you with the right Plan A consultant. Returning clients have often built up relationships with consultants and contact them directly when a tender or other requirement arises.

Project Initiation: We start with a kick-off strategy session to align on roles, themes, requirements, and practicalities like access to you’re your Team’s environment. You’ll provide relevant existing content for us to update for the new tender.

Bid Management: A bid plan is created to confirm required content, allocate roles, set deadlines, and ensure alignment on objectives. Regular budget check-ins ensure cost transparency throughout the process.

Content Development: We develop an initial draft tailored to the proposal, refine the content, and facilitate interviews with key contributors as the bid writing process continues. During the content development phase, we ensure each section demonstrates your offer’s unique benefits.

Design and Finalisation: We ensure the document meets your brand guidelines; with graphic designers working alongside our team of wordsmiths, our team can also provide a full design service, ensuring your final proposal is visually compelling.

Review and Approval: The submission undergoes a final internal review and client approval process, ensuring every detail is considered, the submission compliance requirements are met, and the final document is compiled and ready for submission.

Submission and Project Closure: If needed, the final tender is compiled and submitted electronically, with full logistical support. Post-submission, we conduct a review to gather lessons learned and ensure continuous improvement in our process, supported by a closeout email.

Continuous Support: After submission, our team will remain available to provide further clarifications or follow-up, such as guidance on the next tender phase or debriefs.

If you have an upcoming project or bid, the Plan A team is committed to exceeding your expectations by being very skilled in what they do and easy to work with. We aim to set your proposal and team up for success by knowing exactly what clients requesting tender responses want to see.