Tender training

We want you to be as good at winning tenders as you are at running your business.

One of Australia’s most innovative tender writing companies.

That’s why we offer you training on what it takes to be that good – and how to get there.

Plan A has represented the leading edge in tendering excellence for over twenty years, and over that time we’ve helped many of our clients lift their tendering game as well.

We run open ‘Lift Your Game’ courses, as well as bespoke training on all elements of winning tenders from bid strategy, tender writing, building your attributes to meet the Government Procurement rules and Broader Outcomes requirements, to presenting as a team.


Lift Your Game: Full Day Tender Response Writing Workshop

Plan A’s ‘Lift Your Game’ course has been updated in line with the latest version of the Government’s Procurement Rules – particularly with regard to Broader Outcomes, its requirements and new scoring rules. Understanding these changes will help you win your next tender!

Our tender response training workshops focus on providing you and your people with practical tools to write winning bids.

We also offer in-house options for tender training across New Zealand. 

Upcoming Courses