Helen Shale

BA (English), Certificate in Journalism

Helen is a qualified bid writer and communications professional with more than 25 years’ experience in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

She has written and prepared bids for property development, engineering, civil construction, facilities management, utility and technology companies. These have included very highly competitive multi-million-dollar construction projects.

Helen has held several senior management positions in private sector companies and public and service organisations, and has hosted strategic workshops, written strategic plans and delivered suites of communication and proposal projects to tight deadlines and deliverables.

A skilled interviewer, writer, editor and communicator, Helen’s strengths include being able to research, gather and translate the most technical information into compelling sales copy. She can communicate clearly and confidently within all levels of an organisation

Helen has frequently been the ‘adopted team member’ for in-house client projects, something she enjoys immensely. From experience, she recognises how open collaboration, sharing knowledge and brainstorming is how ideas and then documents evolve from the mundane to award-winning. She enjoys the opportunity to harness these ideas and produce work that excels beyond the norm.

Helen Shale