Powerful presentations

Needing to prepare and deliver a compelling presentation?

How prepared are you for that shortlist tender presentation?

Not sure where to start?

Just like any other presentation, preparation is key to being successful in tender presentations.

Do your homework:

  1. Who is your audience – what do they want to see, who is attending, and why?
  2. Who should you have in attendance considering the above, and what role should each person play? Appoint a person to lead, and ensure their role is clear to your team.
  3. Ensure the content of your presentation is relevant to the audience and speaks to their needs.
  4. When you build your content, remember it is about them, not you!
  5. Prepare for likely questions, including who should respond to each type of question.
  6. Practice! And remember: you must be authentic. Too often team members come across as having been coached and it lacks authenticity. The best teams are diverse – so develop your presentation around that diversity, don’t try to train it out of them! 

Get in touch to discuss how our consultants can help – from creating punchy presentation content and supporting business documents through to presentation templates and coaching on delivery techniques.

If you have invested in quality bid writing services, to get you noticed in the first instance, don’t let yourself down with a poor presentation. Our team has proven and practical experience in preparing and delivering presentations in New Zealand and internationally, from tender evaluations to boardrooms to conference halls.