Getting to the start line – are you ready to tender?

Getting to the start line – are you ready to tender?

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Tender Library

Increasingly we are finding clients seeking to tender into tier one, public sector or local government work are simply not ready to do so.

And when they start, too often they have to stop when they realise they simply have too much groundwork to do before they can even get to the start line on the tender they are after.

The timeframes available to produce quality tender submissions simply do not allow for the development of the base material you need to score well on attributes – let alone to even meet pre-conditions in some cases!

Your tender library is an asset, and if winning business at the tender box is core to your business success, then that is an asset you must invest in.

Good asset management discipline requirements include developing, operating, maintaining, and upgrading of your assets in the most cost-effective manner. And good accounting practice sees the asset capitalised and expensed over the life of the asset.

So, take time to reflect on your tender library asset.

Have you focussed on the development, maintenance and upgrading of your library in line with the changes in the tendering landscape:

  • The Government Procurement Rules
  • Broader Outcomes
  • Provincial Growth Fund projects?

Do you:

  • Have your Relevant Experience and Track Record reference project write-ups up to date? Will they score highly in the evaluation criteria, particularly in terms of relevance and currency? If they’re more than five years old, it’s definitely time to consider a refresh of your content.
  • Have current CVs which have enough information in them to enable them to be efficiently customised to each tender?
  • Have those other sections commonly requested in tenders, such as Resources, including systems for Quality, H&S, Environmental, and Financial Management up to date? Do they describe the benefits and value for the client? 

These are a few things we can help you with now – so you can get your tender library asset in good condition now without compromising the BAU which keeps it all going!