Lift Your Game Online Workshops

Three 2 hour sessions

Lift Your Tendering Game!

Our highly rated ‘Lift Your Game’ tender response writing training is now available as an online workshop!

This means if your company has people operating from different locations, you can conveniently learn how to lift your tendering game as a team without the disruption and cost of travel!

Plan A’s ‘Lift Your Game’ course has been updated in line with the latest version of the Government’s Procurement Rules – particularly with regard to Broader Outcomes, its requirements and new scoring rules. Understanding these changes will help you win your next tender!

Our course covers:

  1. What do Tender Evaluators Look For?
  2. Evaluation Processes and Scoring Systems
  3. Government Procurement Rules, guidelines and templates
  4. Efficient Bid Management
  5. Bid Strategy Development
  6. The Executive Summary
  7. Winning tender using Government’s new focus on “Broader Outcomes”
  8. Developing Tender Content 
  9. Reviews and Tender Close Out
  10. Dealing with Rush Jobs & Preparation Between Tenders

Book here or contact Stephen Mockett for further information.