Bid management

Is this your core competence?

Securing new contracts—and keeping your existing contracts—is the life-blood of your business.

Your company is outstanding in what it does. But, chances are, responding to tenders is not what you do best.

That’s where Plan A can help.

Our tender bid management services include:

  • Reviewing pre-qualification or Request for Tender documents to identify the contract requirements.
  • Facilitating your bid strategy session with your key personnel to develop your unique selling proposition.
  • Developing a tender submission timeline – and managing it to ensure that information inputs, writing, design and the bid presentation are all complied with and delivered to meet the deadline.
  • Reviewing all writing content and formatting; and liaising with your key people to create an accurate, sharp and consistent document that meets the tender requirements.
  • Organising graphic design where it is required, and production of all deliverables of the tender proposal.
  • Compiling the tender bid for you in hard and electronic format.
  • Preparing your presentations and briefing you for tender meetings.

And yes – those are the disciplines of bid management you need to have mastered if winning tenders is core to your businesses future!

Plan A provides a confidential and proven professional tender bid management service.

Because we are the most experienced tender writing company in New Zealand, we know how the best tenders in your industry are winning contracts. And we’ll use that knowledge to help you win your next big contract.

Our hands-on assistance can help you deliver a compelling, high quality tender proposal to meet your deadlines — on time, every time.

We have many years experience providing these services to a range of companies — from SMEs to multi-nationals.

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Bid Management