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Tender writing is our core business.
We also provide other services and courses.


  • Bid management
  • Tender writing
  • Shadow evaluation and review
  • RFP development
  • Tender training

Business writing

  • Annual reports
  • Business & funding proposals
  • Research reports
  • Business plans
  • Company policies


  • Compelling strategy, structure and content
  • Coaching on delivery techniques
  • Independent review and advice


  • Tender training
  • Evaluator training
  • Workshops
  • Presentation coaching
  • In-house courses
Why Plan A?
Why Plan A?

Winning business is what we do. So you can focus on what you do.

When you’re tendering for business, there is no Plan B.
If you don’t have a winning tender, you have nothing.

Plan A gives you the best chance to get that contract. Because winning tenders is our core business, the reason we come to work every day.

For smaller businesses, there’s no point trying to do what you’re not a specialist in – especially when you’re up against companies with better in-house resources. It is much better to bring in specialist bid and tender management services from outside.

Even for businesses with in-house bid strategists and writers, an outsider’s perspective can make the difference between winning and losing, between benefiting from team-think or suffering from group-think.

But in either model, you need a partner who understands the basis for tender evaluations across New Zealand. Plan A has the unique advantage of regular input from qualified tender evaluators and probity auditors. This means we are in a better position to develop and write winning content as the landscape changes – be it Government Procurement Rules, Broader Outcomes or Provincial Growth Fund projects. 

We have the expertise to help from development of bid strategy through to bid management, tender writing, and review.

“We were highest in every category and had an overall score of 87%. That means we have secured 3 out of 4 maintenance tenders in the last financial year - the only loss due to a really low-ball price.”
“Congratulations to Plan A, I can see from the customer centricity of the attributes their hand in this Tender.”
“This is an outstanding document. Thank you for your efforts and putting this together with a such a narrow scope from the client.”
“Plan A brings fresh ideas to keep attribute documents current and easy to navigate for the customer. We have received many positive comments form tender bids on the presentation of the information in our attributes.”
“The evaluators said ours was the best, by a landslide! We just walked away with the contract – they could easily score us on all points raised, both in the written document and the presentation. They said that it was our ability to convince the team that ours was the least risk option, that won their confidence.”
“Your involvement was absolutely key to our success. You did an outstanding job on the document, and in coaching us and developing a presentation that got our point across clearly, with a bit of fun as well. All worth it, huge thanks.”
“Our RFP needed to stand out from the crowd and you have certainly achieved this. The extension of time is I believe an indication of how difficult our competitors have found this process but you all (as the Americans would say) chose your attitude, were present the entire time and certainly made a raving fan out of me.”
“Just a brief note to say a huge thank you for the work you and your team have done on our proposal. You did so well to get such a good document together in such a short time. It reads well and looks great, so all in all a superb team effort.”
“I earlier advised that were successful with the tender. I would like to thank you for your help with the bid document. We were top rated for both attributes: 1. Relevant Skills 2. Methodology. It was good to have your input to the bid document to get our messages across. Thanks for working long hours and at the weekend to make this happen.”
“We’ve worked with several bid writers over the past few months and the general feedback about Plan A is that you guys are head and shoulders above the rest – both in the quality of your input and the ease of working with you.”
About Plan A

Plan A: what it takes to win

Bid strategy, bid management, winning tender responses, specialist bid writing services for compelling proposals, effective business documentation, and design.

These are the elements of what it takes to win, and we bring them together.

We are Plan A

Since 1998, we’ve been writing and preparing outstanding documents and presentations for businesses in New Zealand, Australia and beyond.

We are a dedicated group of professionals with extensive experience across all industry sectors and with qualifications in engineering, law, science, IT, business strategy, marketing, communications, management and, of course, writing – both tenders and a wide range of  business documents.

Each team member invests time and effort in our regular in-house programmes of upskilling, designed with direct input from experienced NZ tender evaluators and Government procurement specialists. This means that Plan A consultants bring outstanding insight into how to score well, as well as practical support in writing and producing your tender responses.

And, we have deep experience. Every year Plan A’s team of bid writing consultants, designers, and strategists create over 300 tenders – across almost every industry sector.

As a team we’ve:

  • Developed winning bid strategies
  • Written compelling content (often from scratch)
  • Reviewed, edited, and designed tender responses for contracts across Australasia and the United Kingdom

With access to New Zealand’s leading tender evaluators – we know what it takes to win.

Plan A’s team of tender specialists includes:

  • Bid strategy facilitators
  • Bid managers
  • Tender writers
  • Bid coordinators
  • Graphic designers
About Plan A
upcoming courses

Learn how to use proven tools and gain real insight from the experts

Plan A’s Lift Your Game course has been updated in line with the latest version of the Government’s Procurement Rules – particularly with regard to Broader Outcomes, its requirements and new scoring rules. Understanding these changes will help you win your next tender!

Our workshops focus on providing you and your people with practical tools to write winning bids.

Are your people writing tenders and proposals that win? Or do they need some coaching to lift your game?

Plan A can provide customised training courses for your team.

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